Welcome, media members & endorsers. This page will provide numerous communication materials to help you spread the word about the 2006 Brownfields Conference in Boston. Check back periodically for additional materials or written/designed pieces. If you have any specific needs, please contact Sean Tolliver via email, info@browfields2006.org  or via phone, 202.962.3590.

Logos and Web Banners

Use the Brownfields 2006 logo on your website in any story/page/blurb referencing the brownfields conference. It can go anywhere on your organizations website that you wish to place it, however it is most effective with accompanying language about the conference. Please link the logo to the main brownfields page at www.brownfields2006.org.

You may also choose to use the web banner in addition, or in place of, the conference logo. The rotating banner ad can be downloaded/saved by right-clicking on the image.

UPDATED!! Brownfields 2006 rotating web banner.gif

Brownfields 2006 Logo

Drop-in Ads

The ads below are for your use in helping advertise and promote the conference. Please download these files and place them in your newsletters, any mass mailings you do, and in whatever printed materials you feel are appropriate. We appreciate all your help.

UPDATED!! Brownfields 2006 web ad.jpg

8.5 x 11 Brownfields 2006 "Save the Date" Ad

Large Brownfields 2006 "Save the Date" Ad, color

Large Brownfields 2006 "Save the Date" Ad, black & white

Small Brownfields 2006 Ad "Save the Date", color

Small Brownfields 2006 "Save the Date" Ad, black & white

Press Releases, Backgrounder, and Other Sample Documents

Sample word and pdf documents below provide information for newsletter articles, background information, press releases or any other need you may have. Please feel free to use the text below to promote the conference in your area.  More information will be added.

Brownfields 2006 Comes to Boston

Brownfields 2006 Comes to Boston.doc

General Brownfields 2006 handout.pdf


Need a quick summary to pass out at your office, project, or other event? Here are a couple to get you started. Contact Carol via email info@browfields2006.org for paper versions.

NEW! Oversized "Bookmark".pdf (back-to-back)

NEW! Save-Date Card.pdf 

Meeting Request Form

Are you interested in hosting a special meeting or other gathering during Brownfields 2006?  Before you set your agenda, you'll need to request meeting space and notify Brownfields 2006 of your event.

Fill out the Brownfields 2006 Meeting Space Request and Function Notification Form below and follow the instructions on pages 1 and 2. To view some of Boston's Unique Venues, online instructions are included on page 2.

Brownfields2006 Space Request.doc (Word format)

Brownfields2006 Space Request.rtf (Rich Text format)


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The official EPA and ICMA cosponsored forum on brownfields redevelopment.

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